Card Game Review: Rock Runners Incorporated

Rock Runners Incorporated(RRI) is a new two to four-player card game created by artist/podcaster Scott Johnson. The game is inspired by the classic card game 99 but with a few twists and a fantastic art style from the creator.

The game’s premise is that you are a spacecraft commander, and you are collecting space rocks. Beware, other commanders are out there also collecting these valuable rocks, and let’s not forget about those pesky pirates and space mishaps.


  You need to fill your cargo hold up to 100 tons of this precious cargo without going over. If your load exceeds 100 tons, you will lose the round, and the other commands will have a chance to collect that oh so valuable space credit.

You, the player, get to chose to be one of four different classes. Each class has a unique ability they can use once per round.

As each player takes their turn, they fill the cargo bay with space rocks. Each rock has assigned numerical values. You fill your cargo bay to full and maintain the cargo till everyone else has exceeded their capacity and is knocked out of the game.

If you get the 100-ton space card, you can fill your cargo hold instantly.

You can affect the total or other players by playing unique cards.

The game has five rounds. The last person standing at the end of the round wins a space credit. The person with the most credits at the end of the game is declared the winner. The ruleset does not specify a tie event, so I have added a 1 round of a sudden death match if there is a tie.

I am a big fan of the game 99, and RRI lives up to it and takes it a little bit further. The game plays quickly. Children can play it around eight years of age, and it is easy to learn. I am unsure how soon this game will hit the markets (I helped kickstart it and received a copy of the game for my pledge), and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

The ruleset comes in a tiny booklet without many illustrations, so I make a google document that anyone can view. The document is almost word for word, but I include the mechanics for the class and action cards. You can view the rules by clicking here.

Next week I plan to review a video card game called Slay the Spire. The game is older but it is still fun.

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Long Time Away

I have not posted anything for a while. It has long enough that the world has lived through a global pandemic and its resurgence.

A lot has changed since my last post. I tend to post about games or shows that I like. I plan to continue on the same path but with a bit of change. For those people who are not “gamers,” Activision/Blizzard (AB) is embroiled in a fair labor/sexual lawsuit filed by the state of California. I do not plan to go into details but to say that I was so disgusted with what I read and heard that I stopped playing all Blizzard games, including World of Warcraft and Hearthstone. I realize that what is happening to AB is not new, and other developers are coping with the same issues. The difference for me is that I felt vested and that Blizzard, in particular, was above those types of behaviors. I am, of course, wrong for having that belief, and I should not let it affect me, but I chose to no longer support or play AB games until they can prove that their house is in order. The opinion, of course, is mine alone, and I do not think any less of anyone who continues to support AB. I know that I can not.

During the last couple of years, 2020 in particular, I have taken a shine to board games.

As the image shows, I have collected a few games. Some games are older, and some are newer. Some are children’s games(I have grandchildren), and some are for older children and people. I hope to review some of the games over the next few weeks and months and give my thoughts.

The first game I plan to review is a game that I help kickstart called Rock Runners Incorporated. The gentleman who created this game based it on the classic card game 99 and has done an excelent job with art and play styles.

Rock Runners Incorporated

Over the next few months, I plan to change the design of the site. I am not creative and tend to go with what looks nice to me. I want to have a more general look and not so much World of Warcraft or Hearthstone. I hope I can make something nice to view.

To everyone out there, be safe.

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Spell Casting Mage Still Rocking It

Yesterday, when I posted about my mage deck, I was rank 15 and climbing. I have decided to make two changes.  I added a Vex Crow and a Magic Dart Frog.


I figured that since I cast many spells both cards seem logical and I had seen a few of the legend players have success with them, so I thought why not.

I had a tough time deciding which two cards to remove, but I decided on Bannan Buffoon and Sandbinder.


I have only played 5 games with the new cards, but so far I have won 4 out of the 5 games.

On another positive note, I hit rank 12 today which is three higher than yesterday, and I now have some stats since I hit 20 games with this deck.


The numbers are fascinating. I find it interesting that if I mulligan and get Mana Cyclone or Conjurer’s Calling or Zilliax in my starting hand I have a 100% win rate.

As always images can be found at and replays and stats can be found at

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Hearthstone Update

SinceI last posted about my current Hearthstone endeavors, I had to change my strategy. I was running what is referred to as a Kahdgar mage deck. One day, all of a sudden I found it hard to win games. I had lost ten out of twelve games and no matter what changes I made, I could not right the ship. I decided it was time to switch mage decks, I had been looking at a mage deck type called miracle mage and just so happen several of my losses came against that architecture. I have gone through 3 iterations of the deck, and at the time of this post my deck is as follow(as always clicking on the image will direct you to


Once I switched decks my luck turned around, for the first ten I wnt seven and three. Before that win streak, I had dropped down to rank 20, down from 17. Currently, I am rank 15 and 1 win away from rank 14. My record with the current deck is 19 – 8. and overall for the month I am 45 – 37. Below are images of the summary and charts for the current deck.



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Recently, I have started playing Hearthstone again. A new expansion came out along with new cards and mechanics, and I was impressed with some of the Mage cards. I decided to try some new decks with these cards, and it was fun. Last week the HCT (Hearthstone Championship Tour) was held in Taiwan, and  Hunterace(game name) spectacularly won the tournament. I mention this because he had a very impressive mage deck. Below is an image of the deck and if you click on the deck, you will be taken to the Hearthpwn Web site where it is listed.

hunter Ace

The deck looked very fun, and so I decided to use it for ladder climbing. I have modified the deck to my liking several times and what is funny is that my deck now only have a one card difference. Below is my decklist.


The only difference is that I have added Messenger Raven and removed Hench Clan Sneak. I had tried other cards such as a second Astromancer. I decided against it because in most cases by the time  I had a chance to use a second card, the summoned minion was usually weak and not worth the effort. Another card I tried was the Arcane Keysmith.  The Keysmith is a sound card and at times can come in handy, I just felt that it was not as good as having a second Book of Specters. The last card was the Daring Fire Eater. The Fire Eater card was just not sufficient enough for what I wanted to do.

I have played many games with the deck and have done a little better than average. I decided to keep using the deck for the whole month and make adjustments where I feel it is necessary.

The image below is a breakdown of my matches.


The next image is a chart of my matches. Note my win percentage when I go first.


Hopefully, I will keep the site up to date as I progress but no promises.

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I.T. Technician or Electrician

Which one can best help you with the electricity at your home or place of business? In my close area, some people think that the I.T. technicians and the electricians are one and the same. I guess if it plugs into the wall or draws power, it must be an I.T. issue.

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Futurama Season 3 Episode 5

I am ranking Futurama episodes again and I have made a few changes to my ranking page.

From here on out I will have an Overall Rankings page which can be found in the search menu and underneath that page, there will be links for each season.

Since my last entry, the podcasters I like to listen to have moved their hosting service to another site which means the links on my other blog post will not display properly but the links going forward will be correct.

Episode Watched:

305 The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz


Episode Description

Podcast Link

Ranking for Season 3

Birdbot of Ice-Catraz # 3

Overall Ranking

Birdbot of Ice-Catraz # 4


Next Episode: Bendless Love

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Domain Transfer

Yesterday, I made a change that I had been debating about for over a year. I transferred to my word press site. The previous site was I believe. I was going to transfer but decided against it in case I wanted to use the domain for a personal project in the future.

So far, everything is looking good and I could not be happier.



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Let’s Try This Again

In the past, I have gone several months without posting and then a new post would pop up. This post is no different.

I had been ranking Futurama episodes and out of the blue, I stopped. I hope to get back to ranking those episodes on this site but I want to also post when I go live on twitch and when I release new podcast episodes for a Netflix show called Disenchanted. You can find the podcast on either Google Play or Apple Podcast by searching for “Enchanted by Disenchantment“.

Concerning Twitch I would like to have at least one live show a week and the day will be Wednesday at 8:00 PM central time. I am a big fan of the podcast World of Warcast and recently I have joined their discord channel and been doing dungeons once a week with them (Wednesday at 8 Central in case you could not guess). My alliance toon in WOW was even mentioned in the podcast.

For the podcast I am working on it is an experiment, I recorded two episodes and I let it drop due to holiday and other events but plan to start back in a couple of weeks. I am very amateur  with podcast but I still want to try and make a go of it so any hints or suggestions (as long as it is constructive) are welcomed.

In summary, I hope to be more productive on my site and have more content.

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Futurama: Season 3 Episdes 3 and 4

Today  I watched episodes 3 and 4 of season 3.

Today I watched A Tale of Two Santas and the Luck of the Fryish and Parasite Lost

As always my updated rankings can be found in my Futurama Episode Rankings

Episodes watched:

303 A Tale of Two Santas



304 Luck of the Fryish



Rankings for season 3

A Tale of Two Santas # 4

Luck of the Fryish # 2

Overall Ranking

A Tale of Two Santas # 17

Luck of the Fryish # 3

As always I want to give a shout out to @backtofuturama. Listening to their podcasts gave me the idea to rank the episodes of Futurama according to how I would like to see the episodes. Anyone reading this post should give them a follow on twitter and subscribe to their podcast Back to the Futurama.



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