Spell Casting Mage Still Rocking It

Yesterday, when I posted about my mage deck, I was rank 15 and climbing. I have decided to make two changes.  I added a Vex Crow and a Magic Dart Frog.


I figured that since I cast many spells both cards seem logical and I had seen a few of the legend players have success with them, so I thought why not.

I had a tough time deciding which two cards to remove, but I decided on Bannan Buffoon and Sandbinder.


I have only played 5 games with the new cards, but so far I have won 4 out of the 5 games.

On another positive note, I hit rank 12 today which is three higher than yesterday, and I now have some stats since I hit 20 games with this deck.


The numbers are fascinating. I find it interesting that if I mulligan and get Mana Cyclone or Conjurer’s Calling or Zilliax in my starting hand I have a 100% win rate.

As always images can be found at Hearthpwn.com and replays and stats can be found at HSreplay.net.

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