Card Game Review: Rock Runners Incorporated

Rock Runners Incorporated(RRI) is a new two to four-player card game created by artist/podcaster Scott Johnson. The game is inspired by the classic card game 99 but with a few twists and a fantastic art style from the creator.

The game’s premise is that you are a spacecraft commander, and you are collecting space rocks. Beware, other commanders are out there also collecting these valuable rocks, and let’s not forget about those pesky pirates and space mishaps.


  You need to fill your cargo hold up to 100 tons of this precious cargo without going over. If your load exceeds 100 tons, you will lose the round, and the other commands will have a chance to collect that oh so valuable space credit.

You, the player, get to chose to be one of four different classes. Each class has a unique ability they can use once per round.

As each player takes their turn, they fill the cargo bay with space rocks. Each rock has assigned numerical values. You fill your cargo bay to full and maintain the cargo till everyone else has exceeded their capacity and is knocked out of the game.

If you get the 100-ton space card, you can fill your cargo hold instantly.

You can affect the total or other players by playing unique cards.

The game has five rounds. The last person standing at the end of the round wins a space credit. The person with the most credits at the end of the game is declared the winner. The ruleset does not specify a tie event, so I have added a 1 round of a sudden death match if there is a tie.

I am a big fan of the game 99, and RRI lives up to it and takes it a little bit further. The game plays quickly. Children can play it around eight years of age, and it is easy to learn. I am unsure how soon this game will hit the markets (I helped kickstart it and received a copy of the game for my pledge), and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

The ruleset comes in a tiny booklet without many illustrations, so I make a google document that anyone can view. The document is almost word for word, but I include the mechanics for the class and action cards. You can view the rules by clicking here.

Next week I plan to review a video card game called Slay the Spire. The game is older but it is still fun.

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