Hearthstone Update

SinceI last posted about my current Hearthstone endeavors, I had to change my strategy. I was running what is referred to as a Kahdgar mage deck. One day, all of a sudden I found it hard to win games. I had lost ten out of twelve games and no matter what changes I made, I could not right the ship. I decided it was time to switch mage decks, I had been looking at a mage deck type called miracle mage and just so happen several of my losses came against that architecture. I have gone through 3 iterations of the deck, and at the time of this post my deck is as follow(as always clicking on the image will direct you to hearthpwn.com):


Once I switched decks my luck turned around, for the first ten I wnt seven and three. Before that win streak, I had droppedย down to rank 20, down from 17. Currently, I am rank 15 and 1 win away from rank 14. My record with the current deck is 19 – 8. and overall for the month I am 45 – 37. Below are images of the summary and charts for the current deck.



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