Recently, I have started playing Hearthstone again. A new expansion came out along with new cards and mechanics, and I was impressed with some of the Mage cards. I decided to try some new decks with these cards, and it was fun. Last week the HCT (Hearthstone Championship Tour) was held in Taiwan, and  Hunterace(game name) spectacularly won the tournament. I mention this because he had a very impressive mage deck. Below is an image of the deck and if you click on the deck, you will be taken to the Hearthpwn Web site where it is listed.

hunter Ace

The deck looked very fun, and so I decided to use it for ladder climbing. I have modified the deck to my liking several times and what is funny is that my deck now only have a one card difference. Below is my decklist.


The only difference is that I have added Messenger Raven and removed Hench Clan Sneak. I had tried other cards such as a second Astromancer. I decided against it because in most cases by the time  I had a chance to use a second card, the summoned minion was usually weak and not worth the effort. Another card I tried was the Arcane Keysmith.  The Keysmith is a sound card and at times can come in handy, I just felt that it was not as good as having a second Book of Specters. The last card was the Daring Fire Eater. The Fire Eater card was just not sufficient enough for what I wanted to do.

I have played many games with the deck and have done a little better than average. I decided to keep using the deck for the whole month and make adjustments where I feel it is necessary.

The image below is a breakdown of my matches.


The next image is a chart of my matches. Note my win percentage when I go first.


Hopefully, I will keep the site up to date as I progress but no promises.

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