Let’s Try This Again

In the past, I have gone several months without posting and then a new post would pop up. This post is no different.

I had been ranking Futurama episodes and out of the blue, I stopped. I hope to get back to ranking those episodes on this site but I want to also post when I go live on twitch and when I release new podcast episodes for a Netflix show called Disenchanted. You can find the podcast on either Google Play or Apple Podcast by searching for “Enchanted by Disenchantment“.

Concerning Twitch I would like to have at least one live show a week and the day will be Wednesday at 8:00 PM central time. I am a big fan of the podcast World of Warcast and recently I have joined their discord channel and been doing dungeons once a week with them (Wednesday at 8 Central in case you could not guess). My alliance toon in WOW was even mentioned in the podcast.

For the podcast I am working on it is an experiment, I recorded two episodes and I let it drop due to holiday and other events but plan to start back in a couple of weeks. I am very amateur  with podcast but I still want to try and make a go of it so any hints or suggestions (as long as it is constructive) are welcomed.

In summary, I hope to be more productive on my site and have more content.

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