Futurama: Season 3 Episdes 3 and 4

Today  I watched episodes 3 and 4 of season 3.

Today I watched A Tale of Two Santas and the Luck of the Fryish and Parasite Lost

As always my updated rankings can be found in my Futurama Episode Rankings

Episodes watched:

303 A Tale of Two Santas



304 Luck of the Fryish



Rankings for season 3

A Tale of Two Santas # 4

Luck of the Fryish # 2

Overall Ranking

A Tale of Two Santas # 17

Luck of the Fryish # 3

As always I want to give a shout out to @backtofuturama. Listening to their podcasts gave me the idea to rank the episodes of Futurama according to how I would like to see the episodes. Anyone reading this post should give them a follow on twitter and subscribe to their podcast Back to the Futurama.



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