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Good Stuff to Come … I Hope

OK, As always I say I am going to more to make my blog active and I never do, so this is a new attempt to do so. I have been active for a couple of weeks now but that … Continue reading

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Picture from Imperial Missouri

Took this picture from a cousins kitchen

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My Political Views

OK, it is about time I discuss my views. Over the last 6 years I have kept them to myself except for in the presence of like minded people. The reason for this was that I got tired of constantly having to … Continue reading

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For All You Cat, Math, Science and Big Bang Theory Fans

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Daily Post

3 things. 1) I am going to try and make at least one post a day 2) Trying to find the right SAN solution is a pain in the but 3) I have never paid much attention to cyber bullying … Continue reading

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