My Political Views

OK, it is about time I discuss my views. Over the last 6 years I have kept them to myself except for in the presence of like minded people. The reason for this was that I got tired of constantly having to argue my point and my mind was not going to be changed and neither the person I was arguing with. More often than not we would leave the conversation pissed at each other and never speak again. Today I lay out some of my views.  From a post a few days ago I think it is obvious how I lean but I still want to say why. First off I am a registered Republican, I initially registered Republican back in 1987 because that was how my friends registered and my dad was a registered democrat. Over the years I have found my views looking similar to the republican platform. Does this mean I go out there and vote for the republican candidate every time? ABSOLUTLY NOT. Whenever I vote for someone I try to vote based on will they make the right decisions for me and my community and not for the party line. A case in point is that in 1998 Blanche Lincoln ran for senate in the State of Arkansas against Fey Boozeman. I did not know a lot about her at the time so I voted for Boozeman. In the next election she I voted for her because I looked at her voting record and thought she did a hell of a job and deserved the second chance. Many of my friends couldn’t believe that but as stated I vote for the person not the party.

For this election as mentioned in a previous post I am voting for Romney. What I wanted to avoid is to vote for him because anyone is better than Obama. I do not feel elections are won this way. I am voting for him for a few reasons. The first being is that I feel (right or wrong) that he can do a better job than the current president when it concerns the economy. For all the wailing and gnashing of teeth during the Bush administration the economy in my opinion was fine and the numbers supported that. Since Obama took office the numbers have been getting worse unemployment was over 10% at one time I believe. Another reason has to do with the size of government. I am a firm believer in the old Ronald Reagan statement the government that governs the best governs the least. Will Romney address this issue I am unsure but I feel that he will and hopefully it won’t grow under him like it has Obama.

 Now we come to Obama care. Before I proceed I want to point out I have no answers I am unsure how handle health care. I am fortunate to work for a good company that provide me with care but with all that being said I want to go back to the statement that the government that governs the least governs the best. Getting the government involved in healthcare is a mistake. I have had many people tell me I am wrong and maybe I am, however in the 40 + years I spent on this earth I can not tell you the first thing right that our government has done right when they have gotten involved. Look at the sate of social security. Please don’t get me wrong, government is needed but having them manage healthcare in my opinion is a recipe for disaster. My last reason for voting for Romney has to do with foreign policy. I find it funny that our current president keeps touting that he has experience and that Romney has none but 4 years ago he was critical of McCain for doing the same tactic he is doing. Romney might not be better but I feel the world sees us as week with Obama as President and I feel this is unacceptable.


I have just given my 2 cents am I right who knows, I just know that I have to go with what my heart tells me and if the President wins I will support him as I have in the past and wish him the best of luck. He has perhaps the toughest job in the world and you have to admire any person willing to take on that challenge.

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