Good Stuff to Come … I Hope


As always I say I am going to more to make my blog active and I never do, so this is a new attempt to do so. I have been active for a couple of weeks now but that has just been for posting a slogan for the Day of the Week which I pan to continue.

Today, I also added a breakfast of the week. This needs a little explaining. I have breakfast with friends a t the Edge Coffee House in Jonesboro Arkansas every Saturday and the cooks there make a themed breakfast. A good example would be my previous post. This breakfast was called Mel’s Diner and consisted of toast, eggs, spicy potatoes, bacon and cheesy grits as in “Kiss my grits” from the TV show Alice.

I plan to post the breakfast every week and give my thoughts on it.

In other news now that I am raiding in WOW on a regular basis and in the hopes that I get a beta key to hearthstone I am sprucing up my twitch video page and would love to hear thoughts and suggestions. Click the video camera to view my site.


Currently I am broadcasting three days a week. Tuesday thru Friday from 9:15 to Midnight Central time. We start raids at 9:30 but we don’t always start at the exact time so if you get on to watch just be patient. I also try to keep all sound available so remember you might hear NO NO words. You have been warned.

In closing let me know what you think and I will try to keep the post coming.

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