Herthstone New Month

A new month has started and once again I am going to try and make it to legendary. Last month I finished at level 14 and the best rank was 12. I did not play much towards months end but as mentioned it is a new month.

I am going to stick with the mech shaman but would love some ideas on how to improve it. Below is my deck list and current stats.

Mech Shaman

As you can see I have only played seven games having won the last 3. I am thinking about revamping my deck atĀ http://www.hearthhead.com/deck=37842/shaman-overload. That deck did me well back in the day and I used it in a tournament back in April of last year. Below are videos of 2 of the fights. Please remember I was more of a newb back then and did some bonehead plays.

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