Current Shaman Deck

If you have seen my last post you know that I highlighted my current mech shaman deck and I wanted to give an update on how I have been doing.

Since Saturday I have been keeping track of my wins and losses and I would like to share what I have done.

Saturday May 9th 8 Wins 0 Losses

Sunday May 10th 4 Wins 5 Losses

Monday May 11th 2 Wins 2 Losses

Total 14 Wins and 7 losses 67% win ration.

4 of the 7 losses were to agro decks and 1 heartbreak to a mage to whom I forgot to trigger his ice armor before playing Ragnaros and thus activating his armor and then he played pyro blast for 10 damage and of course I had 10 health.

Currently I have 128 wins of the 500 I need to get a golden hero and currently level 47.

Hopefully I can get on a win streak over the next few days to improve my rankings. Currently I am 16 with 3 stars

Update today Monday May 11th I now have 3 Wins and 2 Losses

Total 15 Wins and 7 losses for 68% and currently I am level 15 with 2 stars and I have 129 of 500 wins

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