Shaman Mech Deck 2.0

As mentioned yesterday I plan to stick with my Mech Shaman deck but I felt I didn’t have enough oomph for most games. I decided to look at other decks  at I looked at several but couldn’t find any that I felt comfortable with. I finally found one here  and if you compare it to my deck in the previous post there are some similarities and some differences. For example, this deck has a lava burst and 2 crackles and no Hex. Even though I liked the deck I still felt I needed to change a few items and now my Mech Shaman 2.0 looks like the following.

Mech Shaman 2As you can see I did make a few changes. I decided to add a hex. With the hex I now have 3 removals. I did have 2 Hex but I felt that was wasting a card.  The second item I added was lightning storm. Lightning storm is so useful when coupled with a spell power totem and when facing a warlock zoo or face hunter I can clear the board leaving them in a world of hurt. In the case of the neutral cards I added 2 Piloted Sky Golems. The other deck had 2 Fel Reavers and even though they can do a lot of damage or just be fodder for removal spells I felt the loss of cards could be detrimental. Today so far I have played 4 games and won 3. The only loss was to a face hunter and I was just 1 damage shy of killing him. I learned from that game that against aggro decks it will be a matter of who can get the most damage in the quickest. Below you will see a screenshot of how I did today. As always if you see anything that can make this deck please let me know.


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