Pet Battles and Hearthstone Matchs

Over the last several months many things have changed when it comes to my gameplay and in particular what I spend my game time on. I had left WOW for a couple of months but when I bought a new house I started to play more. Of course the pet battles were still a big part of what I liked to do but there was also raiding and other games to play, in particular Hearthstone. I had grown disinterested in raiding and it had become a job to me so I decided to take a break from raiding for  a while. I am going into my second week of not raiding and it has given me time to focus on the 2 things I really like and those are pet battles and Hearthstone.


Pet battles have changed a good bit since I started posting about them a  couple of years ago and I am fascinated with the combinations you can use to beat in game NPC trainers and in PVP matchup. I am hoping that I can record some of the fights and show what my strats are. Some of the strats I have borrowed from other sites but they were so awesome I had to include them in my gameplay. I hope to show in the upcoming weeks how I beat daily trainers and pet battles inside the garrison area and hopefully try my hand in the PVP arena and get my 1000 PVP wins


As most people who read this already know that Hearthstone is based off of WOW the card game and plays similar to such card games as magic the gathering. It has been said that Hearthstone requires no skill to play and is not fun. Even though there is some truth to that statement what it missed is that yeah you can have the cards and use decks that other players have crafted but beyond that it takes skill, luck and some nice RNG to know how to play the game, when to go for face instead of clearing minions off the board or vice versa, maintaining control of the game etc. I have found that constructing a deck can be very amazing and when I bring out a deck that owns other decks even for a shot time it is oh so satisfying and I am hoping to show off some of these decks via twitch and youtube  and to improve them over time and to work on getting to the legend rank.


Even though streaming will not be a regular thing for me, let’s face it who wants to a 40+ year old man stream video games, I do hope to have a some what set time schedule to do some streaming and get some involvement from the audience when it come to these two games I like to play. My current plans are to try and stream on Monday evenings for a couple of hours and then just random broadcasts from there. I have recently switched to a MAC from a PC which by the way is AWESOME, however it has presented me with some challenges when it comes to broadcasting. I had been using XSplit but they do not make a MAC version so this evening I will be testing out Open Broadcaster software which I have already dabbled with and  plan to try Wirecast also this evening. With trying these two out tonight I will have several small videos full of junk so with that being said I am sure the official start date will not be till the 9th however I will probably be broadcasting on the fly till that date and ond on the 9th my start time will be 7:00 PM Central Time US and will last for 2 hours. Keep an eye on my twitter and Facebook for when the broadcasts go live @andysocial facebook.

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