Test Stream This Evening

Well, it took me a while tonight but I got my layout for streaming Hearthstone games up and running and a test recording can be found here. Be warned I was getting about 50% drop rate which is a shame because I felt the fight was a good lesson about playing the cards well. The video problems is two fold, I need to replace my router which I have already bought a replacement and I need to get a better upload rate. I am unsure if I can get that but I am going to try. My big problem for the night was to get audio playing. I first tried Jack Pilot which is a virtual audio device and then I tried Sunflower which as you can guess is also a virtual audio device. I eventually got sunflower to work but I could not hear any sounds but thanks to the Googles I was able to setup my MIDI controller to play the sound through my headset also and so everything is right with the world again. Watch the video and let me know what you think barring the lag of course.

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