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Play time report

I reported yesterday that the week previous I played between 11 and 12 hours for the week previous and that I expected a drop. I was right. Date/Time of Login Date/Time of Signoff* Minutes Played 22 Aug 2012 05:29 PM … Continue reading

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Mist of Pandaria

I am now convinced I am being watched by the employees at Blizzard. Last week I almost canceled my account. Two things kept me from pushing the button. The first being is that I already bought the expansion and second … Continue reading

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OK, I have not been posting everyday but I have been thinking about posting. I will have some now posts up soon. I have some exciting things to mention about work and what I am doing with my gaming time … Continue reading

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Out to eat

Sitting at Fiji waiting on food and a long island iced tea

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No Air Conditioning

For those of you who don’t know me, I manage a IT department in Arkansas. We are not that big but we have our own servers and room to host the servers. I come in this morning and the server … Continue reading

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Anyone Remember This Scene From Star Wars the Empire Strikes Back

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World of Warcraft

WarcraftPets ‏@WarcraftPets Pre-MoP patch tentatively scheduled for August 28th.  I figure this date is more than likely accurate because of the pre events and past history and with that release it may be the beginning of the end for me and WOW. The … Continue reading

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Daily Post

3 things. 1) I am going to try and make at least one post a day 2) Trying to find the right SAN solution is a pain in the but 3) I have never paid much attention to cyber bullying … Continue reading

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Falling Skies

The next to the last episode aired tonight and it pretty much followed the story line I figured it would. There is a government in Charleston the leader is a civilian and then the the Military general keeps order, the civilian wants to duck his head … Continue reading

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Rift Mage Build revieled

Rift has an expansion coming out and they introduced a new soul  build for the mage. This build is called the harbinger and this is a melee build for the mage and in essence we now have a battle mage Anyone reading this should … Continue reading

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