World of Warcraft

Pre-MoP patch tentatively scheduled for August 28th. 

I figure this date is more than likely accurate because of the pre events and past history and with that release it may be the beginning of the end for me and WOW. The reason being is that I feel the game has become too bland. Yes they have lots of cool things and good story lines but they also in my opinion have practically made a game that plays itself. Don’t get me wrong, vanilla and BC had lots of things wrong but one thing they and Wrath to a lesser extent have was a sense of accomplishment. I remember doing raids in BC and early on in Wrath and when my teams defeated the raids I had a sense of accomplishment and the reason is the work I had to put into the game and the raids. When Cata came and I defeated the bosses I did not have that same feeling. I do understand people wanting to see content and that they may not have the time to devote to see it. I liked that they introduced things like LFR what I do not like is that the gear looks exactly the same and act similar. There should be something that makes you stand out if you do the work with the regular raids. The people who disagree with me will say that with transmog you can makes the gear look different and the argument about having different looking gear is moot and that may be true a bit but I still feel there should be a distinction. Along that same line Bliz will be introducing many ways to get valor points and I do understand that but once again Raid gear looks the same as valor gear and I do have a problem with that. These things most people will see as petty but I don’t feel so.

Other things that bother me is that when I read the forums I will see people make criticisms about material expansions etc and it seems to me from reading the Blue posts that these people basically say you don’t know what your talking about. Sometimes Blue posters make good points but more time than not I get a sense of them being condescending.

Bliz has the biggest share of the MMO market and it will not go away any time soon but I do feel like they don’t respect their customer base and more than likely I will leave. The reason for most likely is that I have not fully seen what they have done yet and I may have a change of opinion and say oh my God I was totally wrong but for right now I am going to stick to what I think and say.

In the mean time I will play RIFT and see how that game plays out.

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