IT Call

IT people get bad reps sometimes. Some of it is deserved and some of it is not. I have been working in this industry for several years and I have many stories and have never put any of them down so this post is about a conversation I had last week with a user and the words  are not exact quotes but as close as I can get them.

Me: IT department

User: This is user and I do not see my printer

Me: I need to remote into your computer. Do you see a letter V by the system clock in the bottom right hand corner.

User: I do not

Me: OK, I need to find your computer name. Please click the Window logo in the bottom left  hand side.

User: I do not see a logo.

Me: You do not see a symbol that looks like a multi colored flag?

User: Oh, I did not know that was the window logo. OK I have clicked it.

Me: Right above the logo you should see a search bar.

User: Yes I do.

Me: I need you to type in the letters CMD Cat Mary David.

User: Cat Mary David?

Me: Yes that is correct and once you finish click enter.

User: OK I got a box that says CMD Cat Mary David is not a recognizable Windows Command

ME: NO just CMD, I was spelling it out for you when I said Cat Mary David.

User: Ah I see, I am not literate when it comes to computers.

This story is just one of many. If you have any just post a reply I would love to hear what stories you might have.

And with that please watch the following:


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