Futurama Episodes 9, 10 and 11

I am almost finished with season 1 and as you will see below I now have a new number 1 episode.

109 Hell is Other Robots

  • Favorite Quote: “Who would’ve thought hell would really exist? And that it would be in New Jersey?” – Leela to Fry

110 A Flight to Remember

  • Favorite Quote: “But as a gentleman, I must warn you. If you so much as glance at another woman, I’ll be all over Leela like a fly on a pile of very seductive manure.” – Zac Brannigan to Fry

111 Mars University

  • Favorite Quote: “Fry, that monkey is my most important experiment. If you two don’t stop fighting I’ll have you both neutered.” – Farnsworth to Fry

Rankings for the shows above are:

Hell is Other Robots # 3

A Flight to Remember # 7

Mars University # 1

New Number 1 Mars University

Last Place: The Series Has Landed (3 Postings in a row)

Updated rankings can be found on my Futurama page.

There are 2 episodes in season 1 left.


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