Futurama Season 1 Episodes 7 and 8

As mentioned in the last post I am keeping the rankings on my Futurama page, however, I will now have the rankings posted by date so that viewers can see the changes per post.

The episodes I watched this time are

107 My Three Suns

  •     Favorite Quote: “There was nothing wrong with that food! The salt level was 10% less than a lethal dose.”  – Bender to Fry and Lela

108 A Big Piece of Garbage

  • Favorite Quote: “There were plenty of times in my century when I was gonna give up, but I never did. Never. Hey, are you even listening to me? Oh, I give up.” – Fry tp a crowd

Rankings for these shows are:

My Three Suns # 2

A Big Piece of Garbage # 5

Nuber 1 Episode I Roommate (2 Postings in a row)

Last Place The Series Has Landed (2 Postings in a row)

Updated rankings can be found on my Futurama page.


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