Game of Throne Geico Commercial

I am sure my idea has been thought of before but I will pitch it anyways for any #Geico, #HBO or Game of Throne #GOT executives who will never see this post.

Below is a compilation of past Geico commercial in which the announcer says does switching to Geico really save you 15% or more? Does x do y.

Most of us if not all of us have seen these commercials or similar.

My idea is the scene opens with an epic sea battle between the fleet of Euron Greyjoy and the fleet of Yara Greyjoy. There are cannons exploding epic fires and parts of ships sinking into the sea. After a few seconds all battle stops as a young man is seen rowing a small rowboat through the middle of the fight and at that moment an announcer says, “Can Geico insurance save you 15% or more by switching insurance? Does Gendry row?”


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