Hearthstone Tempo Deck

As mentioned in my last post I have been playing a tempo mage in Hearthstone and I have done well with it. I am not sure on the exact win rate and the reason is that I have been playing on my PC, my Ipad and my Iphone. The games on my Ipad and Iphone do not get tracked so if you look at my deck on hearthstats.net you will see a 7 and 5 record. Just from memory I believe I have won at least another 5 games and 3 losses at the most.So if you add those my record is 12 – 8 for a 60% win rate. But as mentioned I think it is higher than that. I started the season at rank 23 and currently I am rank 14 with 3 stars which means If I had no win streaks I would have won 28 times. As mentioned I have had win streaks 3 to be precise so that would be at least 3 less wins but still more than the 12. I mention all that to explain why the numbers are off.

The deck is tempo and the purpose of the deck is to keep tempo in your favor. For me at least once I lose tempo the wins are hard to come by. Another key element is to try and be mana efficient but not wasting cards senselessly. A good example of efficient is when you have a flamewaker on the board and your opponent has a minion with 1 health and you have a Arcane intellect card and 3 mana left. It is smart to play the card because there is a 50 50 chance that the minion will die from the flamewaker and even if it does not you now have 3 cards.

An example of inefficient is the same scenario but instead of arcane intellect you have a frostbolt. Using the frostbolt would be a waste because the minion dies and you lose the frostbolt. The best move would be to hero power the minion that way it is off the board and you have a spell to use later on.

Now that I have explained what I think a tempo mage is lets look at the deck list

Not Your Mothers Tempo Mage

The deck list above is almost identical to 100 other tempo mage decks you may see but I have tried to be a little different.

Most tempo decks I see run 4 secrets and those are usually Duplicate and Mirror Entity or Counterspell. I run only 3, 1 Mirror Image and 2 Effigy. The reason for this is that I have found that may people will try to play around Mirror image and Counterspell and as such waste cards that could help them out later on. I share on some risks also because if an opponent kills a low cost minion well I am stuck with a low cost cards so with that being said all 3 cards are better in the mid to late game however sometimes you just can’t avoid it. In my ideal world Effigy goes best with Ragnaros the Firelord. It seems every time effigy activates off of him I get Kel’Thuzad which is almost an instant win. A list of 8 cost minions are located at hearthpwn.com. If you click the link you will see there are several cool 8 cost minion cards.

My last card that is different from most is Ragnaros the Firelord. Most mage run Archmage Antonidas and it seems to me that I do not get much use out of him.

As mentioned this deck has been fun and I would love to hear what other people think about the deck.


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