Playing Hearthstone Again

#andysocial This past week Blizzard announced that they had partnered with Apple concerning a Hearthstone Promotional. Anyone using a IOS device can purchase the Khadgar Mage skin for $4.99 and 100% of the proceeds will go to the World Wildlife Fund. I am not that big of a fan of charities but I do like the WWF and Khadgar is one of my favorite World of Warcraft characters (WOW) so I figured what the hey.


Since I bought the skin I decided to play a few games with a mage deck that I had already created. The deck is a tempo mage and my record this weekend with it was somewhere around 15 – 5. Not bad work for not playing much the past month.

Because I played the mage I decided to work on some deck building and wanted to see what others think of the deck. I need to point out that I realize the new format is coming to Hearthstone in a coupe of weeks and that most of my cards will not be playable in Standard mode after the update. I am OK with this. I am just trying to make a deck that I can play right now and with a class I do not play much.

 Valeera_Sanguinar(2)  The class I chose is the rouge class. Most of my luck with rouge has been bad and the class just has not been fun for me. I hope with my deck I can do well and maybe get a few wins.

The name of my deck is Mech rouge and as you can guess there are a lot of Mech’s in the deck.

Below is my deck list.


Mech Rouge

When creating this deck I wanted to utilize Gazlowe and the way I do that is having 2 Clockwork Gnomes, a Mechanical Yeti and 2 Deadly Poison. The potential to get amazing cards are good. The second way I get more minions is by utilizing Gorillabot A – 3.

Since I hope to be drawing a lot of Mechs I want to buff them if possible and so I have 2 Iron Sensei. I have not had a chance to have 2 on the board but I bet when it happens it will be a beautiful thing.

Another goal of having all these minions is to eventually play Mimiron,s Head. See below what happens when he lives and you have at least 3 other Mechs on the board.


Most rouge decks have some good removals however I run only 1 Sap and no assassination. So far this has not been an issue and the reason for that is the Goblin Auto Barber and Blade Flurry. In one of my matches I had a blade with + 5 thanks to that card and poison. The hope is I have just enough with Backstab, Eviscerate and Shiv.

The last 2 things I did with the deck was to add Lorewalker Cho and Gadgetran Auctioneer. The auctioneer might be one I remove because he just does not feel right and Cho I plan to keep because I have found people will go out of their way to not cast spells when he is up. Another fun thing to do with him is to give Poison and Blade Flurry  to classes that can not use weapons. It is always fun to see a mage with 3 cards they can never play.


I am looking for ways to improve this deck and would love to hear what other people have to say and suggestions. Once again I know this deck will not be useful when standard comes out but hey, I will cross that bridge when I get there.





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