RNG King

Let me set the stage,

I am playing hearthstone as a Paladin that has many big cards vs a Priest. It is turn 4 and I have Tirion Fordling in my hand

Tirion_Fordring(391)_Gold and the priest plays 2 mind vision cards which of course gives him 2 copies of the card above. I of course don’t know this at the time but I suspected. The very next turn he plays a thought steel.

Now lets jump to turn 8, he has no minions on the board. I have a Sludebelcher and several other minions on the board plus a secret that reduces the health of the next minion played by my opponent to 1.  He plays the Tirion card and I of course run my silver hand recruit and one other card into his minion and kill it. The next turn he plays another Tirion and a secret. I have a lot of cards so I take him out and he is brought back to life with one health. After taking him out for a third time I go face and the priest has only two health left. Can you predict what happens next. If you said he concedes you are correct. RNG is usually so unfair to me, it is nice to see it work in my favor for once.

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