Need a Change

Over the last couple of months I have been doing more streaming with my WOW game and now hearthstone beta. Because of this I have been paying more attention to strats to all games and mini games(pet battles) and so I have started to post more videos to you tube and been posting in the forums. Because of this I plan to get my own domain for my blog and I want to change the look and feel to reflect what I am doing. I do like the pages I have been doing for pet battles and wish to continue and what I need are suggestions for site name and a new look and feel. What I need from the people who read this is to tweet this post and tell your friends to follow me on facebook and twitter. I would also love to talk with someone who could help me setup my twitch pages with artwork and ideas on how to attract traffic.

My social tags are as follows and I look forward to hear from you.

Facebook: andysocial69

Twitch: andysocial69

Twitter: andysocial

You tube: andysocial69

Web Site

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