A Night of WOW

Seeing that I made this Blog mostly about my WOW adventures it seems appropriate to talk about a night of raid.

As I had mentioned a couple of weeks ago I switched servers to find a higher population server so I could have more chances to raid. I am with a guild on the new server and we are trying to get a second team for people like me however that has been slow and I had a chance to raid with the main team once before and they liked what they saw and asked me to raid this week with a good possibility of raiding on the team full time. Between yesterday and today we have gotten six of the twelves bosses down and the sixth is a progression boss, meaning we are still learning the fight. Tomorrow we we start on the next boss. We probably will not down him but that is OK. I signed up for the challenge of learning new fights with new people and not doing a face roll through the raid..

On top of all that I wound up with 3 pieces of loot, on Tuesday I got a tier glove which I bumped up to Ilevel 530 and what stinks is the first boss tonight I got a pair of 528 thunder-forged gloves which I will upgrade to ilevel 536 and replaced the gloves I got yesterday.

If anyone is interested I have included links to my video stream page and the logs from tonight’s fight.

Video Stream Click HERE.

Tonight s log Click HERE.


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