A Long Day

The company I worked for had managed phones put in yesterday and I had told the company I would help. This was a project I had started when I was with them full time and I wanted to see it through. Everybody involved including the engineers thought the project would be short and sweet since all the cables had been ran, all the VLAN were set up and the tough work was out of the way.

What I forgot to mention is the company name is Mid-South Health Systems and all the years I have worked for them, nothing has gone right when it comes to big projects. In fact you might say if it had gone right it was wrong. We seem to have a 100% track record of something bad happening. This day was no different. I met the telco company at the main campus at 6AM. The problems stated almost as soon as they started. 10 AM rolled around and I went and had lunch with some friends while my co worker stayed. At 12 things were going much better and in fact there was only one building left. I went and worked on a different project till 3:30 and I realized I had not heard from them in a while so I went and checked and they said oh yeah we will be done soon. I was thinking yeah I will get out by 5 or 6. Remember this is Mid South, that 5 or 6 wound up being 9 PM.

With all that said I am happy to say that the phones are ready to go first thing Monday morning and there should be no problems but remember Mid South Health Systems, if it ain’t going wrong it ain’t us.



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