Pet Battles for 3/22/13

As a followup to the page I created yesterday about old world pet masters I did all the fights while timing everything. For one time only I did this on my mage because I was unsure if I had to be somewhere and I did all 5 bosses in 22 minutes so I figure at most any other class will be 35 minutes.

I went ahead and did the Pandarian ones today also and doing all 11 trainers took 1 hour and 10 minutes.

When all was said and done I wound up with 2 spirit pets and 1 aquatic stone. I have put both pets on the AH and so far 1 has sold for 6900 gold so at minimum 1 hour and 32 minutes netted me around 7000 gold(this does not include quest rewards, junk I sold and other item on AH)

Not a bad run.

Keep eyes open for page on Pandarian trainers.

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