Election Night

Well, election day is almost here and I am excited. A little over a week ago I showed a map about how I thought things would turn out and it showed Romney as the winner. Today I am not so sure because of a couple of factors that were not present at the time. The first is Hurricane Sandy. To me it looks like the President has done a good job handling the situation. Both Obama and Romney have been out there but Romney is not President yet and I think this has helped President Obama. The second piece that I think will make a difference is the Benghazi story line. This situation has been a cluster from the moment it broke. To me it showed there was no true leadership and I feel that starts with the President. Now a person might say how does this help the President. It does not in that context but where it helps is that it is getting very little coverage from the major news networks and yes I do try to watch several of them. I use to be a big Dan Rather fan even though I did not like his politics. The other reason for it helping the President is that Romney has not talked about it once. I think this is a big mistake on his part. He like the rest of us should question the handling of the situation and him more so than the normal Joe. He can say why did the President not do this or that, maybe this President has done all he could and now we need a new person leading us not just for the economy but for foreign matters also. I feel he missed a once in a lifetime opportunity.

With all the above said I still feel Romney should win, I am just not as sure I was last week and late tomorrow evening or earl Wednesday morning I think the news stations will refer to Romney as President elect. We shall see.

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