WOW study for research

I recently agreed to be part of a a study for a persons research for her PHd. The study requires her to see how people do in virtual teams. She paid for the transfer to the server of her choice and each week she tells us which raid we have to do and it up to us to work it out how we will finish it.The first week was simple we did normal icecrown. This second week is a different story. We are doing heroic Bastion of Twilight(BOT) and we had a person rage quit and a couple of dicks in the group who gave this guy a hard time instead of working with him. In the end we got the first 2 bosses down and now we need to get the final 3 down on Monday. On a side note note there is a second team and they have downed Chogal, this should get very interesting. To read more on her research you can visit

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