Working in an IT department comes with many challenges. One of the big one is backup and data recovery. Currently we use tape backup and use a product called arc serve r 16. A couple of weeks ago someone lost some data but I could not recover it because the backup had quit working but it looked like they were working. It all came down to imputing a license key in wrong. Luckily the data lost was very small and I was able to address the issue. I get things working and I have been tweaking and making it better till this past Wednesday when it error ed out. I thought I had it fixed and re ran Thursday and same thing happened so here comes Friday, I get a error message saying disk was full. The reason is I tried to back up the data on the server itself and ate up all the hard drive space but I got it working again so I checked this morning and by God it did not start. After research I found that I need to restart the services and I was able to get a good backup today and starting tomorrow the nightly backups should kick back in like normal, or at least I hope they do


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